Why big organization choose ERP?

ERP software systems are the most popular enterprise resource management tools. They can help bring transparency in business operations, monitor financial activities, and streamline internal business processes. These operations include manufacturing, supply chain management, customer relationship management, human resources as well as warehouse management. ERP software development company plays an important role to avail these benefits and keep you ahead in business.

CodesGenesys Technology

Benefits of ERP

  • Total visibility
  • Enhanced reporting and planning
  • Full-fledged customization
  • Increased efficiency and customer service
  • Improved workflows and collaborations
  • High scalability

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CodesGenesys Technology

Comprehensive ERP Solutions

Whether you want to build an ERP system from scratch or need improvement in the existing one, we get all your needs covered without sacrificing business continuityOur deep and wide industry experience has enabled us to develop CRM solutions that are plug-and-play for easy deployment

CodesGenesys Technology

Faster Development

Using the agile and iterative business model, our team develops the MVP version of the ERP solution usually within 3-5 months and releases a new version every 4-6 weeks.

CodesGenesys Technology

End-to-End Support

With CodesGenesys as your chosen ERP development company, you can rest assured that we will take care of everything - from design and development to implementation and post-deployment support.

CodesGenesys Technology

Multi-Platform ERP

We make the ERP system accessible in any mode - mobile app, web app, or desktop app. For ERP application development, we focus on building an intuitive UI/UX, thus increasing user satisfaction

CodesGenesys Technology

Smooth Integration

Our team ensures smooth integration of the ERP solution with popular platforms such as Magento and Salesforce, cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain and IoT, and other ERP modules.

CodesGenesys Technology

Greater Transparency

We provide high transparency not only on the development process but also on pricing. We regularly report the information needed to make the right business decisions and offer fair pricing at every stage of the project.

We develop custom ERP applications across industries like –

  • Insurance
  • Retail
  • Telecom
  • Fintech Companies
  • Real Estate
  • Travel
  • Financial Services
  • Logistics
  • Automotive
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Entertainment and more
CodesGenesys Technology

Get Started Instantly

Our deep and wide industry experience has enabled us to develop CRM solutions that are plug-and-play for easy deployment

CodesGenesys Technology

Easy Customizations

Equipped with over 50 CRM experts, we provide custom CRM development services that streamline customer service workflows

CodesGenesys Technology

Latest Tools and Technologies

Our CRM experts work with next-gen technologies like VoIP, RFID, and POS to develop solutions that meet all your business requirements

CodesGenesys Technology

Reliable Process

Our CRM development services follow an agile development model to build features quickly, test them, and refine them in rapid iterations It aids in iteratively accomplishing multiple goals.

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