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You should look out for the services the company offers, their dedicated teams, the overall experience they have, and the projects they have taken up and completed. Also, check if they have been recognized and awarded for their performance.
We come up with custom solutions based on the business’ requirements.
  • We create programs with multiple functions that help potential customers
  • We create solutions for specific problems
Choose the right software development services company based on:
  • Company reviews
  • The company’s portfolio
We use many tools for development, including GitHub, Trello, BitBucket, Jira, Slack etc
We recently worked with Big Data in Inventory Management System, User Management System, Trucking Management System, and Billing Management System (Desktop Application). Currently, we are working on another project as well. You can take a look at our portfolio. Unfortunately, we cannot show all these projects in our portfolio because we signed NDA with the client. Client security is very important for us. If you want, we can show you on Google meet | Zoom call.
  • Developers will do the Analysis and Check the impact area and place.
  • Write the module Business Logic.
  • After the completion of development, they will do the Unit Testing.
  • The module/feature wilj go for the testing to the QA.
  • QA will understand the business logic.
  • QA will do fresh testing in the first round.
  • The QA will also test where the module is linked with this location.
  • After the QA's testing is over, it will create a sheet of bugs and improvement points and send it to the Developer.
  • At the end of the week, QA will prepare a bug count list of all Developers and it will be submitted to the Project Manager.
  • QA will also do Regression Testing of the entire system after testing the new module.
We already mentioned all our Technologies in our menu section.
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